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The Collective was invited to take part in PROUrban Forum 2013 “Culture and business for the historical city development”. The Forum is organized by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, The State Hermitage Museum and the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers.

The PROUrban Forum will place on November 25, 2013 in The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

“PROUrban program features panel discussions, conferences and round tables. Panelists will discuss architecture and art as economic drivers for urban development. Other themes of PROUrban are role of global centers of culture in the development of historical cities and smart cities potential.

Participants of the event are leading European urban thinkers and professionals working in the field of development, construction, architecture, built environment design and planning, also authorities and academic institutes.

PROUrban is held in the context of “Architecture the Dutch Way. 1945–2000” exhibition in The State Hermitage Museum. ”

Marta Bastos, Klaas Kresse and Boba Stanic are guest speakers  of the panel discussions:

“Smart city: architecture and culture of economic sustainability”

“Culture and development: investment synergy”

“Water and the city: architectural dialog of St. Petersburg and Rotterdam”.


Image Source: http://www.proestate.ru/?lang=en



“Architecture and Urban Design for European and Asian Cities”

On the 23rd of November in the Lecture Hall of the PRO ARTE Foundation, St. Petersburg


Image Source: http://proarte.ru/en/

Project Baltia 02/13

The Collective Amsterdam has been featured in this February’s edition of the russian magazine ‘project baltia’.


theCOLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM will do the presentation on their experience in the Russian market at the POST–OFFICE in Rotterdam.


when: Friday 8th of March at 17.00h
speakers: Boba Stanic and Kaita Shinagawa

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The COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM is a Netherlands based network of young professionals specialized in interior design, architecture, urban planning and project development. The group consists of six members with diverse international background, who occasionally combine forces in order to participate in a project, and event or an article. The Collective’s members are active contributors to the architecture discourse, engaging in the field as writers, educators and curators.

In September 2012 the COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM took part at ProEstate, a real estate show in St. Petersburg, Russia. Initially the Collective got invited to design the pavilion of the Dutch Consulate for ProEstate, but the group’s involvement extended quickly also to collaborating with the Guild of Property Developers in St. Petersburg on a study for a large retail centre on the outskirts of the city.

This proposal was subsequently also presented at the very same pavilion, which the group designed for the Dutch Consulate. The pavilion in itself had enjoyed great popularity amongst the real estate show visitors since it was chosen ‘Best ProEstate Pavilion of 2012′.

The COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM is keen on sharing its experiences from ProEstate, and Russia in general with other Dutch architects and developers. The group’s work for the Russian context might be useful for other professionals interested in operating at this large, but yet quite unknown for the Dutch audience market.


The Collective has been featured in the Russian magazine Projector #4(21) 2012.

The Collective was explaining their view on contemporary development processes in the Russian Architecture and Urban planning. Through a case study (DIY) the Collective introduced the Dutch design and decision making processes in the Russian context. This case study project was exposed at the  International Real Estate Investment forum PROEstate in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Moskow times collage

The Collective Amsterdam has been featured in The Moscow times #9 (32)

“Russia –
The Netherlands| Looking toward 2013, The Bilateral Year”.

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News article | September 27, 2012

The Collective Amsterdam has made an impressive début at the PROEstate Forum in St. Petersburg.

The VI International Investment Forum PROEstate is over. This year the Forum has gathered more than 3000 professionals from 21 country and 90 Russian cities.

“The forum as well as the city overcame our expectations”.

The first, taking place in Lenexpo, the city’s main congress center, covers all facets of the Real Estate world focusing on commercial developments but also fostering presentations and discussions concerning innovative solutions through conferences, panels and exhibitions. PROEstate was a very pleasant and professional event in which we had the opportunity to establish a positive and efficient dialogue with professionals of the real estate field in Russia, as developers, investors and fellow architects. We were really well received by the organization of the investment forum, which created the platform and opportunity for us to exchange experiences concerning the Dutch and Russian Real Estate and Architectural contexts and practices. Furthermore, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg provided very valuable support in making the presence of the Collective Amsterdam in this forum possible. It welcomed us and created the conditions through which we could be active participants in representing Dutch Architecture and design in the International Investment Forum PROEstate.

We experienced much interest in Dutch architecture and design. Off course we enjoy the broad interest in our work, especially concerning the project we developed together with a Russian developer. In this project we carried out one architectural/urban research assignment that created alternatives to the common construction practice in Russia. With it we aimed at showing the benefits of our (Dutch) integrative design approach within the Russian urban context. It did definitely help having a stand at the venue, especially a stand we designed ourselves. The materialization of the Collective’s interpretation of Dutch culture and Dutch design in the stand was the perfect way to showcase our design ambitions towards potential clients and future collaborators.

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As a case study, The Collective Amsterdam is designing a ‘Do It Yourself’ shopping centre in St. Petersburg. During three workshops Dutch architects will work with Russian developers and policy makers on the design and integration into an existing building. Prior to that, they will analyse cultural, economic and social aspects. The project will result in a Dutch design approach in Russia. The design will eventually be presented in the form of a model at a property fair. The Collective Amsterdam is applying for funding to document the design process so that Dutch designers can acquire insight into the Russian context.

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