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theCOLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM will do the presentation on their experience in the Russian market at the POST–OFFICE in Rotterdam.


when: Friday 8th of March at 17.00h
speakers: Boba Stanic and Kaita Shinagawa

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The COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM is a Netherlands based network of young professionals specialized in interior design, architecture, urban planning and project development. The group consists of six members with diverse international background, who occasionally combine forces in order to participate in a project, and event or an article. The Collective’s members are active contributors to the architecture discourse, engaging in the field as writers, educators and curators.

In September 2012 the COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM took part at ProEstate, a real estate show in St. Petersburg, Russia. Initially the Collective got invited to design the pavilion of the Dutch Consulate for ProEstate, but the group’s involvement extended quickly also to collaborating with the Guild of Property Developers in St. Petersburg on a study for a large retail centre on the outskirts of the city.

This proposal was subsequently also presented at the very same pavilion, which the group designed for the Dutch Consulate. The pavilion in itself had enjoyed great popularity amongst the real estate show visitors since it was chosen ‘Best ProEstate Pavilion of 2012′.

The COLLECTIVEAMSTERDAM is keen on sharing its experiences from ProEstate, and Russia in general with other Dutch architects and developers. The group’s work for the Russian context might be useful for other professionals interested in operating at this large, but yet quite unknown for the Dutch audience market.